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These are examples of the “kinds” of things we want you to avoid so you don’t harm the braces. Just because it isn’t on the list doesn’t mean you should eat it.

ICE - A thousand times no! Do not chew in any form or manner. Eating ice will crack the cement which bonds the braces to the teeth. Don’t even suck on it, you might forget and bite down. This is the worst enemy of the braces. It only takes one single little bite…crack!

HARD PIZZA CRUST EDGE - It’s the outside edge and not the pizza itself we worry about. Yes, you must eat pizza, but avoid the hard burnt edge. The same goes for any hard bread.

HARD PRETZELS, BAGELS, HARD BREAD- It bends the wire and knocks off the brackets.

DORITOS, HARD TACOS - They form a hard ball and break the cement. If it makes a snap sound when you bite it avoid it!

ANY HARD CANDY - Anything that is hard is going to cause damage. You eat it, and you pay. There are too many types of junk food for us to list them all. Think before you eat it!

BEEF JERKY, SLIM JIMS - Tough as nails. Avoid anything like these.

HARD COOKIES - Maybe, but soften it up with a little milk first.

SUCKERS, M&M’S, NUTS, RIBS - No nuts at all, but maybe ribs if you CUT THE MEAT OFF OF THE BONE.

PENS AND PENCILS - You laugh, but look around the room during class and see how many people gnaw on their pens. Favorite exam food. Be careful, it only takes one bite to knock’em off!

POPCORN - If the little shells get between your braces and the gum, they don’t come out on their own and you can get an infection between the gum and the root of the tooth. This can be very serious!

RAW CARROTS, APPLES - Cook’em, but don’t eat’em raw. Raw stuff is too hard.

Eating these types of foods will knock off the braces and bend the wires. You may not discover the loose bracket until the next day after you eat ice or one of these items but the braces don’t just “fall” off! Every loose brace extends your treatment time at least two months. Think!